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Snoring is considered an annoying habit and is often joked about, at the expense of the sufferer. It is now, however, well recognized that snoring is not just a bad habit, but often a sleep apnea syndrome causing the snorer to suffer a less restful sleep.

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medi-sleep Products

medi-sleep offers the largest selection of high quality therapeutic oral appliances available on the market, realizing in each individual situation the best possible solution.
medi-sleep’s selection of appliances is custom-made in the medi-sleep laboratories in Frankfurt, Hamburg or Potsdam.

medi-sleep differentiates between basic appliances like SOMNOFIT® SOMNOFIT® and professional appliances Professional Appliances, which are custom-fit by your dentist.

The medi-sleep team is in constant dialogue with dentists, Ear Nose Throat (ENT) specialists, pneumologists and sleep laboratories to improve its appliances. Only this combination of specialists enables us to create the best appliances.