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Snoring is a widespread problem: 10-30% of all adults are affected. Indeed, the probability of becoming a snorer increases with age: 60% of all men and 40% of all women over 60 years of age are snorers.

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A first step for patients who want to stop snoring is to find out what helps best.

A simple and low-priced starter appliance is SOMNOFIT®. This modern and comfortable splint system from Switzerland, marketed exclusively by medi-sleep in Germany, is suitable for treatment of snoring and mild forms of apnea.

You can wear SOMNOFIT® when you suffer from snoring and light grades of Sleep Apnea Sleep Apnea. You may also want to use SOMNOFIT® while you are on vacation, leaving your more expensive professional appliance at home.

The SOMNOFIT appliance creates a mandibular advancement of 3-10 mm with the following advantages:
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More Information on SOMNOFIT®

Download SOMNOFIT® brochure
For more information regarding how SOMNOFIT alleviates snoring see our brochure (German language).
PDF-File, 300KB
Download SOMNOFIT® User's manual
For more information regarding the usage or cleaning of the SOMNOFIT® splint (German language).
PDF-File, 488KB